Henry 45-70



Henry 45-70

henry 45-70 Lever-Action Rifle is both a handy yet powerful lever gun capable of fast repeat shots in the bear country of Alaska, while still being a short, light rifle ideal for deer hunting in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

Firstly, the new Model H010 will provide the accuracy and reliability you can count on.

GUN OF THE YEAR: Side Gate Lever Action .45-70 with NRA Seal

Henry Repeating Arms made waves at the 2019 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits with the announcement and release of their Side Gate Lever Action rifle.

This model offers the best of both worlds with Henry’s tried-and-true removable magazine tube for convenient unloading and a side loading gate to keep the magazine topped off.

This Friends of NRA edition takes the craftsmanship and quality that Henry Repeating Arms is known for to the next level with embellishments from Baron Engraving of Trumbull, CT.

This rifle features a hardened brass receiver engraved with a pattern created specifically for Friends of NRA by Master Engraver, Rob Bunting.

The left side of the receiver is framed with a double line border with vine and left scroll bracketing the National Rifle Association seal.

The right side features a banner that reads, “2020 Friends of NRA Gun of the Year,” and an attractive scroll design with a double-line border.

Similarly, the engraving on these rifles uses Baron’s unique sculpted-die process, which retains the brightness and clarity of the hand-engraved master.

This limited-edition series features serial numbers ranging from 2020NRA0000 to 2020NRA1145.

The brass accents continue through the rifle with the buttplate and barrel band.

The American Walnut furniture is set off by intricate, deep checkering and a fully adjustable semi-buckhorn rear,

and ivory bead front sight accompanies the 19.8” round blued steel barrel. Limited to 1,146 units.

Where The Name Henry 45-70

Introduced to the world just 1 year after the invention of .45 Colt, .45-70 Gov’t reigns supreme in the world of straight-walled cartridges to this day.

Its name is derived from the bullet diameter (.45 in), the weight of the black powder used when it was created (70 grains), and the fact that it was designed and used by the U.S. ARMY in 1873.

Further, this caliber hits like a freight train and is the go-to choice for hunters that reside in states where only straight-walled cartridges can be used.

Due to its heavy projectile, the range is somewhat limited, but there are few choices better for those shots at 150 yards and under (though it will reach out further), or in thick brush.

Lastly, from the Old West inspired with a brass frame and octagon barrel to the new aged X Model, Henry Repeating Arms has plenty of options for all your big bore needs.


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