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Benelli M4

Benelli M4 is a semi-automatic shotgun produced by Italian firearm manufacturer Benelli Armi SpA, and one of Benelli’s “Super 90” series of semi-auto shotguns. The M4 uses a proprietary action design called the “auto-regulating gas-operated” (ARGO) system, which was created specifically for the weapon. The weapon was designed in 1998, and was adopted by the armed forces of Italy, the United States, United Kingdom, among others, and has been used in a variety of conflicts, leading up to the present day.

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The Benelli M4 Tactical 5+1 capacity 18.5” barrel 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun is an evolution of the M1, M2 and M3 line. Benelli currently offers the M4 Tactical in four models. All have the same 18.5” length barrel and share most overall dimensions. The differences? You can get the guns with either an Anodized Black receiver with a Phosphate barrel or with a Titanium Cerakote receiver and barrel. Regardless, other parts such as the forend and stock are matte black. Beyond color, you have your choice of pistol grip (standard stock) or standard grip (tactical stock).

Each M4 Tactical comes with one M choke tube. The chamber handles both 2  3/4″ and 3″ shells. The gun has a standard ghost ring sight, but it also has a medium-length Picatinny rail atop the receiver. Length of pull is 14 3/8”, drop at comb is 1 1/2″ while drop at heel is 2 1/4″. Overall length is 40” and weight is 7.8 pounds for all four models. The M4 was designed for the US Military and entered service circa 1999 as the M1014 Joint Service Shotgun. The gun’s wizardry derives from Benelli’s patented ARGO system. ARGO stands for Auto-Regulating Gas-Operated. This self-cleaning, piston-driven action has a simple short-stroke dual-piston design. ARGO eliminates the need for a more complicated mechanisms like heavy action bars and connecting linkages found on other similar shotguns.



18 reviews for Benelli M4

  1. George j

    Just got Ma benelli m4,I really appreciate will be ordering from you often 💯

  2. Gun plug

    A great shotgun for anyone who is of age to use. Very simple but reliable, cycles any round so far from 2 3/4” – 3”.. Recoil is not bad, and can be versatile in its use. Disassembly is easy and is enjoyable to clean. The m4 is a smooth looking shotgun that can be modified to your preferences. I recommend reading the owners manual and enjoy the m4!

  3. JonAK

    Exceeded my expectations

    After owning a couple different semi-auto 12 gauge, I was quite reluctant to give the Benelli M4 a try. I have a long shooting history with pump action shotguns so my experience with semiautos was and still is quite limited. I kept thinking “who would pay almost two-thousand dollars for a shotgun that only carries up to six rounds? I was determined to get a semi auto “tactical” style 12 gauge that would work with at least most types of commonly found rounds. I’m not much of a hunter and shoot mostly recreationally. I ended up forking over the necessary $ for this gun and took it out shooting. To my pleasant surprise, my Benelli M4 chewed up everything except Herter’s field loads from cheap Winchester target loads to heavy buckshot loads. This is my 3rd semi-auto shotgun and as the saying goes “The third time is the charm.” Benelli’s ARGO gas system is IMO one of the best engineered operating systems for a shotgun and is easy to maintain. There are very few moving parts and I can see why the Benelli M4 commands such a high price tag.

  4. Voss Boss

    M4 is Alfa Romeo NOT Toyota.

    Just wanted to add a few lines about Italian shotguns.
    1. Italian ammo (which is very good) may not work well in self-loading Italian shotguns.
    2. So-called “light-loads” may not/will not properly function in a self-loading shotguns. This applies to “less lethal” loads as well.
    3. Military uses only a designated “standard” ammo that was made for a specific model. It was designed, tested and made in huge quantities so it works as expected. Do not assume that the “good deal” ammo will work just as well as top-quality mil-spec ammo.

  5. Sonny C

    Very Satisfied.

    I purchased the flat dark earth CeraKote and was a little apprehensive, because I didn’t like what it looked like online. In person, the color is great and I like the durability of the CerKote finish. The staff at my local store took really good care of me during the checkout process. I assembled the gun myself when I arrived home and it went together very easily and in just a few minutes with a very easy to understand full-color instruction manual. I have no issue with the bolt handle for racking in the first round, it’s a good size and I have big hands and can manipulate it easily. The gun has a nice balance and fits comfortably in the shooting position. I installed an EoTech holographic sight on the rail, and yes, you do have to lift your head up to see through any optic you have on that top rail. It’s not a problem because I put a Blackhawk foam/synthetic leather cheek pad on all my rifles and shotguns since none of them have perfectly fitted stocks (except my F-Class rifle that has an adjustable cheek piece). With that pad in place, I get a comfortable place to rest my face and it elevates me enough so that I can use the optic. The pistol grip is nice and comfortable for my XXL hands and the entire gun is very solidly built with great attention to detail. It would be nice if it had more magazine tube capacity (it’s competition made by FNH is an 8+1) but I don’t care so much about that as to have it affect my decision to purchase this gun, 5+1 is good enough for me.

  6. Ben M4

    Almost perfect.

    Probably the best semi auto shotgun that money can buy. Will be reliable for tens of thousands of rounds. Keep in mind that it will be very expensive to add a higher capacity tube because of ATF rules on this imported shotgun. The stock is very long for me, even with long arms. The height is also difficult to use with optic. The charging handle is very small and short, making it difficult to quickly manipulate. My only other complaint is that the bolt release button is much too small, with necessitates yet another upgrade. I wish Benelli would design a larger bolt release, a larger charging handle, and a shorter/higher stock to begin with, which would make this shotgun absolutely perfect out of the box.

  7. J stoltz123

    The One and Only….!

    There is a reason why it’s the military’s go to shotgun and nothing does the M4 more justice then shooting it! Super easy to maintain and a great feeling going to asleep and seeing the M4 an arm reach away… your search is over get it!

  8. Roller 1

    The Ultimate.

    I’m prior Army and picked this up for home defense, hunting, and target practice. I have the extended magazine, collapsible stock, sling, and a red dot scope. This weapon is a beast! The rapid fire, consistent feed, manageable recoil, and ease of maintenance is impressive. No question its a Benelli made to US military specs. This is a weapon you can depend on no matter the situation or conditions. I’m glad I bought it and would recommend it to others.

  9. Ben O

    Awsome shotgun.

    Tested it this weekend, trowed 7 box of shell of target load in that it even eat the nasty winchester 1oz load that was jamming in my other semi in this one not a single jam. We where very impressed. The gun what a machine inertia drive is a charm its well finished, the camo is nice on it and seem durable. When i taked down for a cleaning was stunning that i needed to do praticly nothing the canon was almost like new in it. Took 2min to clean and voila! ready for a next clay trip.

  10. Cale

    Awsome shotgun!

    Love the inertia system! Cycles flawlessly even with cheap ammo.

  11. Snr Fan247

    Simply the best out there!

    Wanted a semiauto for home defense and possible light hunting every now and then. This thing eats everything! Reviewer complaining of it not ejecting light loads should’ve read reviews about break in period with slugs and heavy loads at first. It will cycle EVERYTHING and there’s nothing faster. Wouldn’t hesitate at all in buying one!

  12. Dugeeze77

    Another Great Gun.

    I have owned a Franchi all my life. The older one I have is only a 2 3/4″ so three years ago when I decided to buy another shot gun there was no question where I would be going. This gun is so well balanced and just great to pull up with.

  13. Franchi Fanatic


    Nice and light. Works great even with target loads!
    Best value!

  14. Viking6

    Benelli M4 Retired Marine.

    I carried this shotgun in Iraq and fell in love with it. I finally splurged and bought it. Out of the box I cleaned it and took it to the farm for breaking in. It ran flawlessly! I put a mixture of 7.5 shot, 6 shot, 00buck and slugs through it. I fell in love all over again. I highly recommend this weapon. It is not cheap, but I know I can depend on it. The sights were dead on and it is easy to maintain. It will fire from the hip and not miss a beat. I much prefer shooting from the shoulder. The recoil is much less than a pump shotgun. I can’t say enough good things about it. You will not be disappointed. I purchased the black version, so I can’t speak to the dark earth finish.

  15. Mb Can Man

    Why buy a Benelli?

    I wanted the Benelli Super Black Eagle II so bad but couldn’t afford it after gun prices went up. A friend recommended this gun to me so I bought it in the camo version. It is such a well balanced gun. I absolutely love it and realize now there is no need to spend double just for the Benelli name on it.(this gun has the Benelli inertia system in it anyhow)

  16. Benj

    Doesn’t like light loads.

    My Benelli M4 shoots flawlessly with heavy loads but jams a lot with trap and light loads. For the money spent I was a bit disappointed.

  17. Mike 944

    I really like this shotgun. Took it to the range and oh man you don’t feet recoil, it’s easy to handle, and it’s shoots real smooth. And what I love about it is that it’s super light compared to my 870. What a difference. This would be the perfect gun for waterfowl.

  18. New hunter

    1St Shotgun
    I looked around at a lot of different shotguns and decided on the Franchi Affinity semi. I am glad I did ! I used it for the first time last weekend duck hunting and it worked flawlessly. Semi is the way to go !

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